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The Best Science Fair Projects

Best Science Fair Project Ideas

DNA Extraction
Genetic study has been the subject of choice of many students and you can carry out the process of DNA extraction in many ways. DNA extraction projects are done for proving polymorphisms and for comparing various strands of DNA of different specimens. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of DNA is also a good topic for science fair project. Here we shall depict the quantitative analysis of DNA by the technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). First, extract the DNA sample from the selected specimen (leaves or animal parts) by the given protocol. Follow the process step by step and make sure the chemicals are mixed in accurate quantity. A specific time is also allotted for extracting DNA. Now the sample is set in a PCR machine where the strands get multiplied. After completion of PCR, the sample is run on an electrophoresis gel bed. A standard is used for recognition of the DNA bands on the gel bed when viewed under a UV spectrometer. Thus, quantity of DNA present in the specimen is analyzed by the number of bands produced. Note down the procedures while performing the experiment so that you do not lose the data. End your project with a logical conclusion and with a good presentation.

Dry Ice Experiment
Experiments with dry ice are interesting and easy to perform. When carbon dioxide is frozen and compressed, it transforms itself to a state known as dry ice. Dry ice is usually kept in laboratories for performing different types of experiments for detecting pressure and change in state of matter. First we shall explain the formation of smoky water with dry ice and then proceed with some more experiments. Boil water in a container and place dry ice in it with the help of tongs. When dry ice comes in contact with heat, it gradually starts to sublime and in the process, a lot of carbon dioxide is released. A smoky cloud hangs over water giving the impression that smoke is coming out from water. Thus, you can conclude that dry ice will continue to sublimate when exposed to heat. You will be amazed to know that dry ice could be used for inflating a balloon. Stretch the mouth of a flaccid balloon and insert a few cubes of dry ice in it. Rub the balloon with your palm or keep it under the sun. You will notice that the balloon gradually inflates due to evaporation of dry ice and generation of carbon dioxide in gaseous form.

Interesting Science Fair Ideas for 5th Graders

They say that curiosity killed the cat! But not in this case, where we are talking about science and its umpteen miracles and amazement! Moreover, in case of science, the more curious children are and if that quest for ‘knowing’ is nurtured at an early age, then they can develop an avid interest in the whole gamut of specializations under science.

Especially at this age, their minds are filled with numerous questions and seek answers to all of them. Schools do their bit by trying to create that awareness and interest in children in the form of science fairs. The process of thinking starts from conceptualizing the project idea itself. It can be a great learning experience for kids. In the sections given below, you will find some amazing ideas for projects that you can choose for your science fair.

Ideas for Science Fair Projects
These projects can sometimes be tricky, as you have to combine slightly challenging topics yet concepts that can be easily demonstrated and those that 5th grade students can relate to. The students at this age are on the threshold of growing up; however, they still have to develop their logic-related faculties are yet to develop completely.

Drive Safe!
Things which the kids are used to seeing and using daily can strike a cord with them and will help them understand things better. So something like a driveway, sidewalk can be incorporated in the project. The first idea, therefore, is to see how changes in the sidewalk can have an impact on the driving condition. The kids will need a matchbox car or even a barbie car would do for simulating the car drive.

Other things required would be sandpaper, a quilt, rocks, water, a flat surface, and foil. The children will first have to see how the car moves on a smooth surface provided by the foil. Then, see what happens when quilt and sandpaper is used. Check out what happens when you have rocks on the flat surface. Recording of the results is necessary in this and all other projects.

Heat and Evaporation
Heat and evaporation is another great science project. Yes, it may be a bit cliched, but for students at this age, it can be very interesting. For this experiment, a couple of electric bulbs of different wattage and a couple of dishes filled with water would be needed. The aim is to see which bulb evaporates the water first. That, in scientific terms, would mean how kinetic energy of heat moves the water molecules faster and causes evaporation. Make sure you systematically record the findings of these experiments so you can present them in the forms of charts, graphs, photographs, or even videos.

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Students with Learning Disabilities

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While choosing a college there are certain points which a differently abled person should evaluate before applying to the desired college.
Easily accessible campus and 24×7 buses available with special needs.
Offices having full-time staff for answering the queries of differently abled persons.
Help available in form of attendants or nurses for people with severe disabilities.
Course curriculum and extra tutoring for those who lag behind in class.
Extra curricular activities designed for people with disabilities and coaching for these people who are capable of entering into paralympic Olympics.
After considering these factors the next step is choosing from the list of best colleges which have great programs for differently abled persons.

University of Arizona,Tucson

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Wayne State University, Detroit

This University located at Detroit offers best facilities in off campus programs, pre – enrollment counseling, ASL interpretors and volunteer note takers. The average tuition fee for undergraduate lower and upper division ranges from $450 to $6000. Known programs like business administration and fine arts are rendered through the campus. The institute also offers excellent placement opportunities and has efficient staff in tutoring and career counseling.

University of Connecticut, Storrs

One of the top ranked public university this institute offers world-class program B.O.L.D (Building Opportunities for students with Learning Disabilities). This program is specifically designed for psychiatric, ADHD and LD disabled students. Through this program students are encouraged to improve their skills in order to gain employment. The average tuition fees for first semester is $1600 and for rest of semesters it is around $1100. The tutoring fees are extra $45 to $51 for a course. The college also provides SEAD program specially designed for autistic students. Through this program the student is encouraged to make transition to college level courses and instill positive attitude among students to achieve their goals.