Aspects to Consider in Being Irresistible to One’s Romantic Partner

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Understanding What People Want

One essential aspect is not only to look for what one wants in a partner, but to understand what men and women in general tend to want. An individual must become a great potential partner before he or she can attract and keep a highest-quality partner in turn. As the early emotions settle down somewhat, negative issues become more obvious.

A Conscious Relationship

Having a conscious relationship should be a priority. The two individuals should be there for each other and not take one another for granted. The two can be in personal growth together, sharing experiences that involve fun, learning and new activities. A relationship tends to start deteriorating when one person will not participate in anything the other person enjoys doing.

At first, this doesn’t seem troubling, because there is so much excitement in just being together. The two individuals figure since they have friends and family members to do their favorite activities with, the lack of togetherness doesn’t matter. Eventually, however, this almost always leads to resentment.

Taking an Interest

Being irresistible not only means taking steps to be physically attractive, complimenting one’s mate regularly, and being considerate. It includes taking an interest in at least some of the person’s work activities, hobbies and pastimes. She might go out fishing with him now and then, or at least listen to his tales of catching fish. He might attend star-gazing parties with her astronomy club at least two or three times a year.

Showing Appreciation

Being appreciated is also irresistible. A man will love it when she’s excited because he fixed the porch railing or replaced her windshield wipers. She’ll feel great when he takes a moment to compliment her cooking instead of acting like he just expects a nightly meal.