Water Desalination Science Project

Shopping for Supplies

Now, make a list of the following when you go out as you will need to travel to different locations for the same. Some of the items can be also found in your garage or your backyard. Ready? So here we go:
First off, you will need 3-5 different magnifying glasses plus a discarded dish antenna, the ones that we use for our television sets. Also make sure that you get one with a stand so that it stands up on the ground.
Second you will need 3-5 stands or small tripods or you can also use camera tripods for the purpose. These are required to hold up the magnifying glasses.
Next, you will require some mirrors cut in a curve which fit the dish structure of the antenna. Now another alternative is to use three straight supported mirrors, if you cannot find the ones which go into the dish properly, however make sure that you get concave mirrors.
Next, visit a store that sells science experiment apparatus. Here you will need to find three important things. One, a beaker or a strong and thick petri dish, a tripod or stand, over which you can place the beaker and then a distillation apparatus. This apparatus is standard apparatus which consists of a plug or a covering that fits over the beaker, then, there is an angled (90/45 degrees) tube which is made up of glass and goes into the plug and lastly there is a proper stand or tripod which holds up the tube.
Lastly, you will need a cloth which is the size of the glass tube, plus some cold water, a small ink dropper, a mug and a pencil.
Gathering that stuff was the difficult part, now let’s set up the apparatus.

Setting it Up

It’s all about adjusting. Throughout the setting-up process, of the apparatus you will have to set it up in such a manner that, the rays of the sun are concentrated the best on the beaker. Also it’s going to take hours so be prepared with a sun cap and a pair of shades/goggles.
First place mirrors/dish facing the sun. If you are using mirrors, they should have an angle of about 80 to 85 degrees. Using a measuring tape, try to find out the mid-point of the mirror. This does not have to be very precise. However make sure that you get a round about idea. Mark it in a circle with a pencil.
Next off, place the tripod plus beaker and the distillation apparatus with salt water in front of the mirror. Cover the tube with the cloth, you can clip it on. Do not cover the remaining half which goes inside the plug or covering.